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New Season of "American Latino TV" and "Latination" Set Distribution Records

October 5, 2005

New York, NY -- The AIM Tell-A-Vision Group (AIM TV) announced today that their multi-award-winning programs, American Latino TV (ALTV) and LatiNation, will premier their respective new seasons the week of October 3rd in a record number of markets and TV homes thanks to time period upgrades in major Hispanic markets and dozens of new pickups in small to medium, traditionally non-Hispanic markets in the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest. ALTV enters its fourth season with carriage on English-language stations in over 90 cities across the U.S. The show received a boost with time period upgrades in major markets including Los Angeles, Tampa and Dallas. The show simultaneously gained carriage in an additional 23 emerging Latino markets including Omaha, Birmingham, Little Rock and Chattanooga. ALTV now reaches over 85% of U.S.

Hispanic TV Homes and has achieved carriage in over 60% of ALL TV homes--a first time accomplishment for a syndicated, Latino-themed show. ALTV's companion program, LatiNation was equally impressive more than doubling its previous year's distribution with over 70 markets clearing the sophomore season. LatiNation garnered key upgrades in 14 of the top 25 Hispanic markets such as New York, Miami, Phoenix, Dallas and Chicago. For the first time, LatiNation will be teamed up with ALTV in over 60 markets, creating a powerful one-hour block of award-winning, culturally relevant programming targeted to the nation's largest and most underserved demographic: U.S.-born Latinos. "If you had asked me four years ago, when we debuted in just 27 markets, if we would ever be in almost 100 markets I would have scoffed.

Local TV executives now see what the census hasn't shown yet, Latinos have moved to traditionally non-Hispanic markets and the result is an exciting growth opportunity for more local stations all across the U.S." states Robert Rose, CEO of AIM Tell-A-Vision Group. "English language Latino programming is a great way for stations and advertisers to participate in the fastest growth segment in the U.S., bar none" Rose continues. The new seasons of ALTV & LatiNation promise to deliver nothing less than breakthrough content that has brought them a multitude of awards including the Imagen Award, which ALTV won three years straight (2003,2004 and 2005) for best national informational programming."We were the first to interview DJ Nelson, Ivy Queen and TEMPO for national TV, well before the explosive reggaeton movement caught on across the country," states Renzo Devia, President of Maximas Productions. "We also recognized there was something special about Eva Longoria long before she became a Desperate Housewife, covering emerging Latino talent and trends". Some of the stories in the new seasons include: an exclusive interview with NFL Hall of Famer, Anthony Munoz; Divas, a weekly salute to American Latinas, and Cine, which spotlights American Latino cinema and much more! For more information log onto www.AIMTV.tvAbout AIM Tell-A-Vision Group: AIM Tell-A-Vision Group is a division of Artist and Idea Management, Ltd., the largest and most prolific producer and distributor of first-run, syndicated, English-language television programming targeting underserved audiences. AIM Tell-A-Vision provides turnkey production, marketing and promotion, distribution and financial models for various high-quality projects targeted to audiences largely underserved by today's television outlets such as young, U.S.-born Latinos and other young demographic groups.

AIM Tell-Vision sets the standard for culturally relevant television programming. AIM Tell-A-Vision is best known for pioneering the business model of broadcast syndication of English-language, Latino-targeted programs. (www.AIMTV.tv) About AIM Tell-A-Vision Distribution: AIM Tell-A-Vision Distribution, is AIM TV Group's in house distribution company responsible for the distribution of all of AIM TV properties including American Latino TV, LatiNation, Sonidos Music Specials and the forthcoming Play More TV (Fall 2006). About AIM Tell-A-Vision Marketing: AIM Tell-A-Vision Marketing is a full service marketing and advertising sales company working with advertisers, media and marketers to effectively reach large, underserved demographics. AIM TV Marketing's client list includes a who's who of Fortune 500 companies interested in new, effective ways of reaching untapped markets.

About Maxims Productions: AIM Tell-A-Vision Group's Maxims Productions is headed by President and Senior Producer, Renzo Devia. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Maxims Productions is a multi-award winning production company whose programs include: Urban Latino TV, American Latino TV, LatiNation and the Sonidos music specials as well as the upcoming Play More TV (Fall 2006). (www.Maximas.Tv, www.AmericanLatino.TV, www.LatiNation.TV, www.Sonidos.TV.

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